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U Pull It Used Auto Parts

Pick-N-Save has 45+ acres of u pull it used auto parts. We offer our customers the ability to locate and pull their own automotive parts in effort to keep the their vehicle repair cost down to a fraction of buying new parts.

50-80% Savings over new parts

Our customers can actually save between 50-80% over purchasing new parts. We are able to share this discount with our customers because they are the ones actually doing the labor.

Pick-N-Save offers a computer generated report showing where each available car or truck is setting in an attempt to help you locate your part(s) quicker. Our goal is to help you find your part(s) so you can get your vehicle back on the road.

If you are not able to find your part(s) at any of our facilities, Pick-N-Save employees would be more than happy to locate the part(s) within our network of over 100 recyclers throughout the country (Team PRP). Simply see a cashier and they will locate the parts for you and have them shipped straight to your business or home address.

If your vehicle is beyond repair or the cost of repairing the vehicle is too high, Pick-N-Save would be happy to buy your vehicle. Just fill the form HERE and one of employees will give you a call.

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Lynchburg - Self Service

Pull your own parts and save.

Roanoke - Self Service

Our goal is to help you find your auto parts.

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